Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Flynn immunity and other misdirections

Tapper interviews Rep. Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee on Flynn's offer to testify in exchange for immunity. Schiff notes that there is a lot more investigation needed to determine if Flynn genuinely has something to offer the committee. And he raises the possibility that it is a misdirection tactic, especially since Twamp wants the immunity offer. That way if it's not offered Twamp can then say Flynn's testimony is irrelevant and not to be trusted.

They also discuss the Nunes debacle. Schiff has since gone to the White House to view the same documents Nunes did. Schiff wants to know why all the subterfuge about giving these documents to Nunes first if it is, as claimed, "the ordinary course of business"? Schiff suggests that Twamp's Tweets show a recurring pattern of misdirecting attention from the real issue at hand, possible collusion by his campaign with Russia.

We the people cannot fall for these tactics. We must keep focused on the real issue at hand: Russia interfered in our election to favor Twamp, and whether the Twamp swamp colluded with Russia to do so. That's the only way we can get to the bottom of the story and take appropriate action. Keep the pressure on your Congresspeople to do just that. We already know Nunes cannot do that, the Speaker Ryan cannot do that, so remember that come election time.

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