Thursday, December 21, 2017

Repugnantan purge of the middle class

This Onion satire exaggerates only a little bit. Granted Repugs are not literally slitting throats up front. No, they're just starving people to death slowly, and/or letting them die of long-term chronic illnesses. There's actually a whole lot more suffering the way they're doing it. But heh, these enjoy killing people to enrich themselves and the rich. We deserve our fate, so they say. And we do if we just give up and accept their gleeful murder. Get off your asses people and fight back.

From the Onion:

"WASHINGTON—Grinning proudly as blood gushed from his victim’s windpipe, House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly slit an auto mechanic’s throat Wednesday to kick off the GOP purge of the working class. “With our tax reform bill giving us the mandate we have long desired, there’s nothing stopping us now—commence the bloodletting!” said Ryan, holding up the lifeless body of the local blue-collar worker as blood from his severed arteries sprayed reporters gathered at the press conference. “Now we can finally experience the sweet release of all our pent-up hatred of the parasitic working class without fear of punishment or retribution. The blood of the filthy proletariat will flow in the streets, and the families of truck drivers, nurses, and retail employees all over the nation will know our wrath. No one making under $50,000 a year is safe. Today, the American economy will be put back on the right track, and the liquidation begins!” At press time, blood-drenched Republican senators Bob Corker and Lisa Murkowski were seen sprinting into a Baltimore Walmart wielding machetes."

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