Monday, March 19, 2018

Antifa is working

And by working I mean decimating the alt-right. It's a matter of fighting hate, bigotry, xenophobia and the violence to achieve those ends. And that sort of speech that incites violence against others is in no way free but rather very costly to society and real democratic freedom. From this  Guardian article:

"Antifascist groups have been the target of criticism from across the political spectrum during the first year of the Trump presidency. The right has made them the basis both of moral panics about violence, and conspiracy theories of subversion. And other leftists have questioned the wisdom of antifascist tactics and strategy.

"The morality of political violence is a weighty, and always important topic, which we need to constantly scrutinize and revisit. That said, most of the antifascist tactics described above are nonviolent. And a lot of antifascist violence has been defensive, notably in Charlottesville.

"As to tactics, the proof is in the pudding. All of the measures described have led not only to failed events and dwindling cadres, but to infighting and blame games in an increasingly fractious far-right movement. Seriously divided, the alt-right looks like it is crumbling."

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