Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lakoff on combating Dump

From this FB post. Unfortunately, the corporate press is mostly about sensational headlines to get clicks and not so much about combating lies and presenting truth. We need to do that in alternative media like here, which is where the young demo gets their news, for we need them to vote the most.

"How can citizens and journalists avoid falling into the traps set by Trump's propaganda tactics?
First, understand the basics of how propaganda works on the brain and grasp the cognitive science that marketers of propaganda have implicitly mastered: frames, metaphors, narratives and brain basics.

"Second, keep a steely focus on the fact that American democracy is under attack by a foreign power, possibly with collusion from the sitting president’s campaign. This is a crisis.

"Third, stop letting Trump control the news cycle. Newsgathering should be a serious affair controlled by editors whose power rivals any politician’s. Stop chasing his tweets and elevating every sideshow.

"Fourth, don’t spread lies. Don’t privilege Trump’s lies by putting their specific language in the headlines, the leads or the hashtags."

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