Monday, October 21, 2019

Hauts-de-France and the Green New Deal

Rifkin worked with this region in setting up the GND which they call Rev3 (after the Third Industrial Revolution). You can see the progress they've made at their website. One of the means of financing Rev3 projects is the Crédit Coopératif.

"Crédit Coopératifis a cooperative bank. If he practices all banking professions and expertise, his vocation is to put his skills at the service of the actors of a responsible economy, respectful of people and their environment. Historically cooperative bank of legal persons, its capital is brought by its customers who thus accumulate the double quality of client and member. They hold all the voting rights they exercise according to the principle of one person = one vote. Companies and their groupings, cooperatives, SME-SMIs, mutuals, associations and organizations of general interest thus constitute the base of its membership, as well as the individuals who, thanks to the numerous solidarity innovations of the Agir range, more and more people are choosing to become members of Crédit Coopératif."

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