Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Rifkin interview on the Green New Deal

Can be found here. It starts at 5:55. The blurb:

"Guest: Jeremy Rifkin, economic advisor to China, Germany and the European Union and author of the book The Green New Deal: Why The Fossil Fuel Civilization Will Collapse, and The Bold Economic Plan to Save Life on Earth."

A key point Rifkin highlights is that the old energy infrastructure of fossil fuels is not only destroying the planet but it is no longer efficient. And it is necessary to move quickly into a renewable energy infrastructure in order to avert complete disaster, which will require a revolutionary paradigm shift. Sanders is the only one willing to get revolutionary about this urgent transition, to wit, his own Green New Deal plan. Just modifying around the edges of the old paradigm is going to be far too little and too late.

He discusses how some local communities in the EU have been implementing the GND. For example: Smart Europe.

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