Saturday, February 29, 2020

Candidates political compass

Yeah, Sander is "far left" only to a playing field that is far right. If we take the center of this diagram to be the real center (and I don't*), then it seems Bernie and Liz and the only real "centrists" in the Presidential run, meaning the only ones representing the majority of voters on the issues. Which repeated polls bear out, btw.

* As to what is really closer to the majority of voters on the issues I'd argue is much lower and left on the diagram. The problem with such diagrams and framing such as "left" and "right" is that it sets up a false balance in the middle, when in actuality that balance is lower left in a more libertarian socialism. I'd argue this is where the social democracies of the Scandinavian countries are headed and the book Nordic Ideology is pointing (green social liberalism 2.0).

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