Monday, February 17, 2020

John Oliver on Medicare For All

Some excerpts:

"You can get f___ed by taking an ambulance, you can get f___ed by going to the wrong hospital, or you can get f___ed by the going to the right hospital and getting the wrong surgeon. The American healthcare system gives you so many choices as to how you want to get f___ed. Under Medicare for All, that scenario would not happen."

"Some Democrats have reservations too. Pete Buttigieg, for instance, prefers a different concept to Medicare for All, but with a catchily similar name. What Buttigieg is referring to when he says 'Medicare for All Who Want It' is basically the public option. It would definitely be an improvement over what we have now. The problem is it would leave so much of our current insurance infrastructure, with all of its problems, intact. So that's kind of like being offered either a shit sandwich or a slightly smaller shit sandwich with guac."

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