Friday, February 21, 2020

TYT on the contested convention

Ana nails it except when she said if Liz was leading Bernie would have also answered like the others. There is nothing in Bernie's long history to suggest that. That aside, TYT is right though about how anti-democratic that process is, how it's a direct assault on we the people. So why aren't supporters of those who would accept a contested convention screaming about abandoning the will of the people and a democratic process? Instead they are trying to justify it! They give Warren's later justification as an example (5:07). This really is the upside-down world of the book 1984 when even Democrats are doing it. And again why Bernie must be our nominee if we ever hope to return to some form of democracy.

I know, defenders are once again going to cry "See, those mean Bernie Bros" when it's just astute political analysis exposing their own contempt for we the people.

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