Saturday, September 8, 2012

New issue of Speculations

The new issue of Speculations is out. The table of contents follows. In addition to Bryant's article I'm interested in the articles on Derrida and Badiou, post-theological thought and magical Marxism. There's also a review of TDOO, and here's Bryant's blog response to it.

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  1. In reading Norris' reading of Badiou's reading of Derrida I am in awe of his philosophical acumen. Not only does he understand both of them, and the philosophers they investigate, but he is acutely accurate and precise in parsing all of that while also effusing his own exacting style. Truly impressive. For now I like this quote:

    "It is seen to manifest an incipient grasp of the contrary truth according to which multiplicity precedes and outruns any...count-as-one.... 'In-consists'...[is] the neologism [that] nicely and compactly denotes...that absolute precedence of the multiple over the one" (165-6).


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