Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who are the 47%?

Ezra Klein provides the facts on Romney's claim. While it's true that that amount don't pay income tax it's not true that they don't pay taxes. Or that they are deadbeats without personal responsibility. 54% pay income taxes. Of the remaining 46%, 28% pay payroll taxes, 10% are the elderly, 7% are the non-elderly making income under $20,000. And that leaves only 1% left over. Those paying payroll taxes average paying a higher % of their income than does Romney. The elderly likely were productive workers when younger and are now enjoying retirement and the social security they earned. And those with income under $20,000 are also working so they are not deadbeats. Fortunately the government doesn't charge them income or payroll taxes because they barely scrape by on what little income they have. All of them don't take responsibility, are deadbeats? And even that 1% with no job, no social security etc. likely did have work at some point but due to our economy are down on their luck and deserve some help.

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