Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jon Stewart nails sequester hypocrites

This series of videos on cut punters begins with this one. The sequester is causing Meals on Wheels to cut back,  unemployment benefits are running out, Head Start programs are closing down. None of those matter though but one cut does: the federal aviation commission. Their cuts this week starting long lines at airports due to reduced security workers. But since Congress is going on a recess, and they have to fly home, what did they do? Created a bi-partisan bill in record time, some of it even handwritten, to give the FAC discretion to get those workers back on the job because the we can't have the sequester affecting them, can we? Everyone else sure.

In the second clip Congress held hearings with the FAA director to find out why there were airport delays. Duh, hello? Remember all those medias outlets that said this would happen well in advance? But that's the media. Certainly the FAA never notified Congress about this, at least according to Rep. Harold Rogers, Regressive from Kentucky. The Director answered they've been publicly talking about this for months. And it was truly amazing to see Rogers deny reality; he just couldn't accept facts, common enough in his party.

The next clip adds to that cognitive dissonance by showing several regressive media clips saying the sequester cuts were just a scare tactic by Obama and company, that it really wasn't that bad, etc. Again the utter inability to face reality because it doesn't affect them. Well, the regressive media certainly. The thing is most regular folk regressives are feeling this in their personal lives quite acutely. But they're programmed to blame the poor, elderly and needy for their economic woes instead of the rich, privileged bastards and their minions in Congress creating this giant mess for everyone but themselves. Catching the drift yet?

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