Monday, August 18, 2014

Are you going to let the 1% win?

Really, are you just going to give up and say there's nothing I can do? Granted there is cause for resignation. Robert Reich notes that the 1% have intentionally created a situation where we have to work more leaving us less time to organize for worker rights. They did so by shipping jobs overseas and decimating unions. They lobbied for deregulation that benefiting them and no one else. They reduced public investments and sliced safety nets. They basically reinstituted slavery.

Hence we feel powerless and that it's useless even to vote, since they're all the same. Which is exactly where they want us. But the only recourse is to fight back despite our ennui and despair, to organize and to vote. We need to form unions, join consumer groups and clubs and associations. And join political parties and get involved. Only by banding together do we have any chance of getting notices and getting results. Otherwise the situation can and will only get worse, since the 1% are never satisfied.

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