Sunday, August 17, 2014

Todd replaces Gregory on Meet the Press

Gregory was absent this morning from the show and instead Andrea Mitchell did a farewell for the beleaguered ex-host. The show had degenerated horribly since he took over, as he never called out the lies that those on the show espoused.Tim Russert, the prior host, would never let guests get away with such bullshit. Those were the days when appearing on the show meant one had to face such a gauntlet of tough questioning with tough follow-up questions re-directing the issue back into focus after said guest equivocated and ofttimes downright lied.

So they think Chuck Todd is going to fix this? He infamously said it is not the media's job to correct the lies people tell but just to report them. WTF? Seems MTP will be more of the same with this attitude. But it seems that's what the 1%ers that own NBC want, just food fights instead of actual reporting of facts and exposing lies. The problem is NBC itself, not Gregory per se. Todd will keep the same format going and the show will continue to plummet, as we the informed public will continue to go elsewhere for reality based news and discussion.

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