Monday, August 25, 2014

Reich on progressive election strategy

Robert Reich is right. The Democrats just aren't making the following he highlights part of their campaign strategy. And why not, when numerous polls show they have a winning hand on these issues. Senators Sanders and Warren are sure trumpeting these issues and they are safe in the upcoming election. The others need to take the same tack and get with the program or we could lose the Senate. Reich said in his FB feed yesterday:

"The silence is deafening. Congressional Republicans won’t increase the minimum wage; they oppose extending unemployment benefits to the millions still without jobs; refuse to repair our crumbling infrastructure (a move that would put tens of thousands to work); won’t invest more in childcare, which working families desperately need; and won’t raise taxes on the top 1 percent even though 95% of all economic gains since the recovery have gone to the top. State Republicans won’t extend Medicaid to the working class, even though the federal government will pay the whole tab for three years and 90 percent thereafter."

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