Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chris Mooney on regressive negative bias

See this story. He cites the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, which uses open peer review. That process has led to a broad consensus among such scientists that liberals and conservatives disagree politically due to different personalities as well as physiological and genetic factors. One recent paper showed that conservatives tend toward a 'negative bias,' meaning they are more reactive to threatening and disgusting environmental stimuli. This leads to an ideology which supports a strong military, tough cops, anti-immigration and guns for everyone. The peer review process asserted overwhelming support for this research.

This reactive urge was useful for survival during our early evolution but maybe not so much anymore. It's reptilian brain and that's exactly what regressive politicians activate to generate fear toward each other and away from the real cause of fear in today's world, the corporate state. We know something is threatening our very survival so the fear is triggered, but the regressive spin meisters make sure it's not on the real target. Hence why I call them regressives, because the empirical research bears it out. We see it playing out in Ferguson MO right now, where peaceful demonstrators and the press are the enemies and in need of military-grade weapons to keep that horrible threat in check.

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