Friday, September 11, 2015

Hartmann on Mathews insider shill status

See this post. Hartmann's conclusion. (Same can be said of Mara Liasson of NPR.)

"You won’t hear this on Fox So-Called News, CNN, MSNBC, or any of the traditional letter networks, but the real divide in Washington isn’t between Democrats and Republicans, it’s between insiders and outsiders. Insiders are like the mafia. If you’ve proven your insider bonafides by not straying too far outside what DC elites think is ‘acceptable,’ then you’re a made man who can do no wrong. But if you do stray outside the acceptable limits of Beltway opinion, and start actually calling for real change, then prepare to catch the wrath of the insider elite. This is what’s going on right now with Chris Matthews’ Bernie Sanders socialism obsession.

"Bernie is one of the few true outsiders in DC politics, and his success terrifies career insiders like Chris Matthews because it threatens all the power and influence they’ve gobbled up over the years. Insiders vs. outsiders - it really is as simple as that. And that’s something everyone needs to remember as the 2016 presidential campaign moves forward, because the attacks aren’t just going to come from the right - they’re going to come from all over the place from insiders who want to keep the status quo in place and their multi-million dollar paychecks coming."


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