Monday, November 30, 2015

Different kinds of emptiness

Following up on this post:

The thing about kennlingus emptiness is that it is completely full, as in a theory of EVERYTHING. Since it's sure it covers everything it cannot see what is outside its purview or the unmarked space, as Spencer-Brown would say. Even the unmarked space is covered by kennilingus emptiness, which can itself be directly experienced as it is in its complete fullness. This is not the same as Spencer-Brown or OOO's withdrawn, which can be speculatively inferred but not experienced in this way.

Which of course is rationalized away as "see, they don't do the meditative injunction and experience emptiness so they cannot know what we're talking about." Thing is, Julian, Thompson and many of us do the injunction and have such experiences; we just don't interpret them metaphysically like that.

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