Thursday, November 19, 2015

Senator Warren on the rigged tax system

See this article and the video below. Big corporations complain their tax rate is so high in the US that they are forced to move overseas, and that is a big lie. Armed with a bevy of tax lawyers and lobbyists there effective tax rate is lower than most middle-class Americans, and is some case not only zero but negative. Warren lays out proposed tax legislation which give a big "wet kiss" to the big corps while leaving the rest of us to make up the revenue shortfalls. Plus the corps stash their money overseas to avoid paying the little they are supposed to pay in taxes, and they owe a lot to the country that gave them so much. Warren is right that it's time these greedy bastards display the patriotism they often sell to the rest of us and contribute to this country's welfare instead of just hoarding it all for themselves.

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