Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Legitimate Christians speak out on refugees

See this article in response to the despicable Republicans (and some Democrats) who call themselves Christian while shunning those most in need. A sampling from The Church World Service:

"Our values call us to answer the desperate pleas of mothers, fathers and children searching for safety and assistance in their darkest hour. Over 4 million Syrians are now refugees, seeking safety in countries across the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Another 6.5+ million are displaced within Syria, forced from their homes due to violence and persecution. Within the United States, the welcome of Syrian refugees is being challenged. This type of fear-mongering has no place in our society. People of all faiths must stand in solidarity with refugee and migrant communities."

And this from the US Conference of Bishops:

"I am disturbed, however, by calls from both federal and state officials for an end to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States. These refugees are fleeing terror themselves—violence like we have witnessed in Paris. They are extremely vulnerable families, women, and children who are fleeing for their lives. We cannot and should not blame them for the actions of a terrorist organization. Instead of using this tragedy to scapegoat all refugees, I call upon our public officials to work together to end the Syrian conflict peacefully so the close to 4 million Syrian refugees can return to their country and rebuild their homes. Until that goal is achieved, we must work with the world community to provide safe haven to vulnerable and deserving refugees who are simply attempting to survive. As a great nation, the United States must show leadership during this crisis and bring nations together to protect those in danger and bring an end to the conflicts in the Middle East."

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