Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More on climate change and terrorism

Following up on this post, Kurt Cobb made a similar connection of the Paris attacks to climate change. He said in part:

"I'm not sure that any so far has considered whether one can draw a straight line from a severe drought in Syria to these mass killings. My own answer is that the if the line is there--and I think it is--then it has taken many twists and turns before arriving in Paris. Even so, it might be worthwhile for those who will soon be gathering in this bereaved city in order to negotiate a new worldwide climate treaty to understand any such connection. For in the background behind these events, there is a Syria starved of water almost surely because of climate change."

The sick thing is that regressives are saying Sanders is nuts for saying such things when it is they who are the sick bastards who are not only in denial but causing climate change in the first place. No, not "everyone is right," even partially, on this issue in some effete and complicit integral ideological edifice.

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