Thursday, May 19, 2016

Superdelegate Bilbray on the NV convention

First off, Hartmann is the only liberal media outlet where you'll hear this. The others like MSNBC and establishment Dems are just depicting this as angry and violent Berners that have no case whatsoever. However, some facts follow. The convention website tried to pull a fast one on Sanders delegates, telling them that the call to order didn't start until 9 am when in fact it started at 7 am. This was so that very restrictive rules could be voted on that would not allow debate and no motions from the floor. Those rules were clearly voted down but the Chair proceeded to say they passed anyway. However the rules did allow for motions from the floor if petitions were signed by 20% of all delegates and submitted by 9:30 am, which the Sanders delegates did provide and were denied by the Chair without explanation or vote. Then Clinton surrogates claimed Sanders supporters got violent, and yet there is no evidence of that, none. Yes, they got rather vocal about the decimation of the democratic process, but that's on the Chair and Party for thwarting it. 

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