Sunday, May 29, 2016

Winning with proper progressive framing

In Overtime Scot Adams said that Trump will win in a landslide due to his rhetorical tools and techniques. And they've worked so far, given Trump defeated all the establishment Republicans. So what do we do to counter him?

In this piece Lakoff explains why the Dems got hammered in the '14 mid-terms. And what they need to do to change that. Same applies to this day, with the Dems still making the same mistakes. Sanders had the right framing though but the Dems hated it. They will never learn, which is why it's time for a properly framed progressive party on its own. We cannot change the Democratic Party from the inside by infiltrating it, for it's too far gone and beyond repair. It's time to recognize that fact, move on, and organize around a new Party.

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