Friday, May 27, 2016

Senate Democratic agenda

As reported by Robert Reich. Sounds like what we the people want, and what big money does not. What do YOU want?

1. A constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and other recent Supreme Court rulings that have weakened campaign finance law.

2. The Disclose Act that aims to reduce “dark money” by requiring outside groups that spend money on politics to make the identities of their donors public.

3. A bill to replace the Federal Election Commission (made ineffective by its Republican-appointed commissioners) with a five-member independent agency.

4. The FAIR Act to end gerrymandering and require states to establish independent commissions to draw district lines, taking the process out of the hands of partisan lawmakers.

5. Reforms to boost voter participation and reverse voter suppression, perhaps including automatic voter registration, banning voter ID laws that force voters to pay an associated cost, and restoring to full strength the Voting Rights Act.

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