Saturday, April 15, 2017

Self-responsibility in healthcare

People have to be responsible for their health choices, as they end up costing society when their bad choices cause self-inflicted illness. Some argue this is how insurance works. Partly true, as the healthy should invest in the health insurance system to care for the sick and elderly. But there's a difference between those that get sick not through their own choices but from age or environmental or other circumstances beyond their control.

I used to underwrite insurance and those applicants that had a history of bad choices, and consequently repeated paid losses, had to pay more for that insurance if they were eligible at all. And they had to undergo risk management, having our company come in to their practice to analyze their bad behavior and they had to correct it to maintain insurance. If they did not then there their insurance was cancelled.
Now with health insurance, if it is to a pubic right like a public option or Medicare for all, obviously it should be provided to everyone. Again, the healthy pay for the sick, in this case we the people pay with our tax dollars. But underwriting applicants with a repeated history of bad behavior should go into a high risk pool where, like regular insurance, they have to be responsible for paying exorbitant rates commensurate for their acts until such time as they have proven their behavior has changed.

And of course this has to be determined by nutritional SCIENCE, not just the whims of some self-righteous, politically correct agenda. It's a good conservative and practical value, self-responsibility.

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