Saturday, April 15, 2017

The biggest freeloaders are at the top

Good article showing this truth. The top by far are not the job creators or those that got their though their individual grit and hard work. They are vampires feeding on everyone else while giving nothing in return. They are the rentier class: "Leveraging control over something that already exists, such as land, knowledge, or money, to increase your wealth. You produce nothing, yet profit nonetheless. By definition, the rentier makes his living at others’ expense, using his power to claim economic benefit."
As but one example, take Wall Street banks. They offer loans to just about everyone to jack up housing and other prices, profit off of those prices, then let the US taxpayer with the bill when those bad loans fail. Remember the crisis of '08? They create wealth for themselves but end up creating a much larger, massive debt for the customer and society as a whole, thereby having a negative impact on the economy.

See the article for many more examples. And remember this when a conservative gives you the BS about welfare queens. The freeloaders at the top of the heap dwarf welfare to the poor by factors of a gazillion. Those are the real welfare Kings and Queens. And at the top of that heap? You guessed it, DonCon Chump, #notmyPresident.

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