Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Santa's real workshop

Adults don't just promote the myth of Santa and his elves for their kids. They also sell it to keep from admitting who the real elves are, and where all those gifts they give come from.

"Santa’s workshop is not at the North Pole. It’s in China. And his elves are desperately poor migrant workers, whose repressive government has given them no choice but to sell themselves into indentured servitude to corporations that make cheap, plastic goodies for white children. [...] They work literally around the clock in sweltering heat and toxic fumes, performing the same repetitive, monotonous task for 14 to 20 hours straight. If they are lucky enough to make it 'home' to their factory dormatories, where they are packed in 12-20 workers per room, they might catch a couple of hours of sleep before they do it all over again the next day, seven days a week."

Just remember what your consumer dollars are literally supporting when you say Merry Christmas. The least you can do is thank the poor souls that are making your presents so you can live in a privileged fantasy world. See the story for the factual details if you have the stomach to face your hypocrisy.

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