Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Savannah Guthrie calls Speaker Ryan on his lies

Ryan just keeps reiterating his lies and Guthrie keeps challenging him with facts. For example, Ryan keeps saying corporate money is 'trapped' overseas. No, corps intentionally put it there to avoid paying any taxes in this country. Ryan keeps saying the corp tax rate is the highest in the developed world, but the effective tax rate after loopholes is actually one of the lowest. Ryan keeps saying now with the new low corp rate they will invest in infrastructure and hire workers but Guthrie provides facts that this is simply not in the least true.

We know by now that facts have no impact whatsoever on Repugnantan ideology. The latter also know if they just keep repeating their lies over and over they a going to fool at least enough people to vote for them repeatedly. But the facts remain: This is a scam for corps and the rich. And we the people need to keep informed on the details and continue to frame it repeatedly that it is a scam that steals from workers and gives to the rich.

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