Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How we fight fascism

By Chris Hedges. An excellent explanation on why and how Dump came to power, given how most of us no longer trust the establishment because of how we've been so badly neglected and abused. So instead of focusing on the cause of this problem we are led by our establishment induced poverty to blame each other under the flag of fascism. Some excerpts below. Sound at all familiar? Continue reading at the link on how we fight it, which sounds a lot like Sanders and Warren.

"She [Clara Zetkin] warned that the longer the stagnation and rot of a dysfunctional democracy went unaddressed, the more attractive fascism would become. And as 21st-century America’s own capitalist democracy disintegrates, replaced by a naked kleptocracy that disdains the rule of law, the struggle of past anti-fascists mirrors our own. History has amply illustrated where political paralysis, economic decline, hypermilitarism and widespread corruption lead."

"When capitalism enters a period of crisis and breakdown of the democratic institutions that once offered the possibility of reform and protection from an uninhibited assault by the capitalist class. The unchecked capitalist assault pushes the middle class, the bulwark of a capitalist democracy, into the working class and often poverty. It strips workers of all protection and depresses wages. The longer the economic and social stagnation persists, the more attractive fascism becomes. Zetkin would have warned us that Donald Trump is not the danger; the danger is the growing social and economic inequality that concentrates wealth in the hands of an oligarchic elite and degrades the lives of citizens."

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