Friday, February 23, 2018

Unstable man plots to bring guns into schools

The above and following is from The Onion. While satirically funny, it's also a clear warning sign of the very real danger of this preposterous notion of arming school teachers. The NRA's leadership are truly unstable gun nuts that are complicit in killing children, no exaggeration.

"FAIRFAX, VA—According to sources, local man Wayne LaPierre, an individual with a long history of unstable and dangerous behavior, revealed a detailed plot this week to bring semiautomatic weapons into schools. The disturbed man has reportedly been carefully planning this plot for months and has published numerous ranting posts to his website in which he lays out, in explicit detail, his desire to bring numerous guns into school hallways and classrooms. While the crazed individual has, as of press time, not yet acted on his plan, sources confirmed he has every intention of doing so in the near future and will stop at nothing to see his plot fulfilled. Additional reports have suggested that the unstable man may have also been helped in his planning by a number of accomplices in the United States Congress."

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