Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Krugman: Repugnantans hate healthcare

He's come to the above conclusion given their fixation on destroying Obamacare. Meanwhile they have no replacement. He can only speculate as to why they hate it because there is no legitimate reason other than they just hate people getting any help from the government. You know, just like they don't except for tax breaks, subsidies, and on and on. Of course they are sure they deserve such help because they are superior beings ordained to privilege; the world owes them. The rest of us can just go die if we can't afford private health insurance because, continuing the fake rationale, it's our fault for not having the money due to laziness, sloth, whatever.

Bottom line: They just hate people period and at best don't give a shit if they die. At worst, they take away their health insurance to ensure they indeed die a slow and horrible death. Because, you know, they deserve it.

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