Monday, March 18, 2019

White Evangelicals: American Taliban

Excellent article calling them what they really are:

"Evangelicals are The American Taliban."

"Evangelicals are advocating a religious extremism that is no different from Muslim extremism, which projects religious authority over all people in their domain, which limits the rights of women, controls and limits education, and enforces strict adherence to a moral code, which naturally rejects and punishes all forms of 'decadence,' including; 'deviant sexuality,' science, reason, and any questioning of authority."

"They are commanded by their faith to be 'missionaries for Christ.' This mandate engages them in a zero-sum game to convert the country, indeed the whole world, to their faith. And over the decades they have increasingly reached for more and more political power to achieve this goal. This is exactly what ISIS proposes, by trying to establish a global Muslim caliphate. The goal of religious extremists, regardless of faith, is always the same: Dominion."

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