Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bauwens on teal organizations

See his FB post. By 'teal' I think he means the color-coding used by Ken Wilber for an 'integral' level of development. Bauwens said:

"I find the concept of teal organizations fundamentally flawed, elitist and dangerous, i.e. socially racist. Instead of creating new exclusionary and hierarchical organizations, I think we should focus on creating equipotential organizations. So here's a list for a equipotential organization that is aligned to the commons:

1) it practices open business models, and abandons artificial scarity 2) it uses generative corporate forms, not exactrive ones (open cooperativism or similar) 3) it uses copyfair licenses to protect the commons from predation 4) it practices contributory or open value accounting or similar schemes to insure fair redistribution 5) it practices 'commonfare' forms of solidarity to deal with life and work risk

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