Friday, October 30, 2015

Facebook freaks out

in typical capitalist fashion to competition. No, free enterprise has nothing to do with capitalism. The former encourages competition to make the best products at the best price. The latter has to do with monopoly power. See this article. An excerpt:

"Let's 'Face' it. In today's tech landscape, there's no bigger dog on the block than Facebook. "King Mark" has built an empire so rich and so vast that if he thinks your little startup is going to cause him problems, he simply buys you out for more money than you, or your grandkids, or their grandkids, will ever need. Problem solved. But, what if you're not for sale? What in the world does King Mark do if you have something really great, that has millions of users around the globe buzzing about its potential as being a "game-changer," and he can't have it? Simple. He blocks you. [...] That's exactly what's happening to over 4.5 million users of - a Facebook with a conscience , whose founders believe users should be compensated for the content they create. That's so important, it's worth mentioning twice. Users should be compensated for the content they create."

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