Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ben Carson is a lunatic

And he's the Republican front runner? Must mean those supporters are also lunatics. Here's a sampling of the crazy things he says. See the link for details. The bullet points follow. I'd ask "can you believe this?" but apparently a lot of regressives do.

Women who get abortions are like slaveholders 

Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery

‘Hitler’ could happen in the U.S. today

Jews could have prevented the Holocaust if they had guns

College campuses should be monitored for liberal political speech

Muslims should be disqualified from the presidency

There’s a war on ‘what’s inside of women’

Being gay is a choice because prison turns people gay

There’s no such thing as a war crime

Obama is depressing the economy to keep people on welfare

Obama signed immigration reform to bring in government-dependent voters

Congress should be able to remove judges for voting for marriage equality

Anarchy could cancel the 2016 election

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