Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Fluid holacracy

For you holarcacy buffs, see this article. I explored holacracy quite a bit in the Ning IPS anti-capitalism thread but thought its anachronistic attachment to capitalism tainted the otherwise general shift to the neo-Commons. This offshoot might address that drawback.

"We’ve both experimented with different forms of organisational governance structures for our organisations, and we’ve systematically found that fluid, holonic structures works best. However, we felt that the traditional Holacracy model wasn’t entirely suitable for us, because it wasn’t fluid enough for the type of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAO) and Distributed Collaborative Organization(DCO) swarm structures we're building. Hence, we decided to codify a 'Liquid Holacracy' governance model. We hope the open source model will be useful for organisations both inside and outside of the crypto space."

And from this post:

"The faster we evolve, the farther we are away from existing economic structures. [...] Even what we mean by 'government' is in question. People are used to thinking of government as an institution supported by taxes that enforces a monopoly on violence. But what if the future of governance itself was an emergent property of collective preference?"

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