Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sanders v. Trump

From Robert Reich's blog post today. Quote:

Bernie is taking on Trump. On Sunday, during an appearance on “Face the Nation,” Bernie said he’d to a better job representing the economic interests of Trump’s middle-class and blue-collar followers, because Trump opposes raising the minimum wage and supports tax cuts for higher-income earners. At a rally Sunday night in Las Vegas, Bernie noted that “there are people out there, Donald Trump and others, who are attempting to do what demagogues have always done, and that is instead of bringing people together to address and solve the real problems that we face, what they try to do is tap the anger and the frustration that people are feeling and then divide us up. So we have a message to Trump and all the others out there who want to divide us up: No, we’re not going to hate Latinos, we’re not going to hate Muslims, we are going to stand together.”

Yesterday, Trump shot back on Twitter. “Strange, but I see wacko Bernie Sanders’ allies coming over to me because I’m lowering taxes, while he will double and triple them. A disaster!”

Bernie fired back, saying Trump is pushing “pathetic policies” designed to benefit billionaires such as Trump at the expense of misguided working-class voters who support him. “Being called wacko by a pathological liar like Mr. Trump makes me think he is getting nervous that the American people are catching on to his pathetic policies, which include giving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to billionaires like himself while refusing to raise the $7.25 an hour minimum wage.”

Donald Trump represents everything that’s wrong with America, and with American politics. Bernie is the exact opposite.

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