Monday, December 21, 2015

The super rich 'liberals' on income inequality

See this article on the topic. Joseph did a FB post on it here where he said:

"Without a strong critique of existing structures, any psycho-spiritual movement (Integral included) is prone to becoming coopted by those existing structures. Integral's main thesis (accellerationist in nature) is predicated on structural change through a developmental progression of values (red-amber-orange-green-teal..), and yet the injunctions that it seems to offer (individual meditation and psychological work) don't seem adequate to addressing the collective structural issues facing us today. OR do they?"

My response:  

Well, we can always sell them an integral management course so that they can appropriate it to further enhance labor obedience and enrich themselves in the name of evolution. Meanwhile, the seller of the integral course can feel like they're actually doing something to remedy the situation to avoid the meaninglessness of their efforts. And enlist Deepak to help sell the program.

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