Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sanders on Trump

In this interview Sanders said that Trump is smart in knowing how to manipulate the media, hence all the free airtime he gets in comparison to Sanders. Sanders blames the media for just airing extreme bloviation and bravado because it gets ratings. The interviewer admits it drives ratings and gets the time. So its also a cultural problem in that we the people, at least some of its dimmer lights, are impressed with show over substance. But then Sanders says its also because Trump's antics has to do with his playing on fear and hatred, again appealing to and inciting our lower drives to block out our higher angels. I don't think Trump is smart at all but that he is genuinely self-absorbed and narcissistic to the point that he believes everything he says. The media giving him all the attention because it's sensational and appealing to the unhealthy aspects of our most base instincts and is just plain sick and nothing to be admired.

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