Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lakoff on what we must do

See his article here. He goes into his usual astute analysis of cognitive linguistics and how it affected the outcome of the election. But some framing progressives can use to counteract Trump and the GOP are as follows. Keep calling Trump a minority President, because 1) it's true, having lost the popular vote and 2) it will unnerve him time and again, causing him to continue his childish Twitter tirades. Use variations like Mr. Minority or the overall Loser. Call him corrupt and provide factual evidence. When Trump reneges on promises, like he already has and will continue to do, say he has betrayed our trust. And never, ever accept the conservative frame even to criticize it; always frame your values in your own terms. And repeat incessantly in as many media sources as possible. This is a war of words and frames, so fight like hell for your life, for your very life does depend on it.

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