Saturday, November 26, 2016

Norman Vincent Peale and Donald Trump

This article draws a direct connection between Trump and Norman Vincent Peale, i.e., financial success and faith in God and oneself. It's not at all a stretch to integral conscious capitalism with its transcendent yet wealthy Self. Capitalism has been accepted as a normal development. Whereas quite a few have written that it is a regression at best and/or a completely wrong or dysfunctional turn of events. It is a sick ideology lost in a sick individualism.

If that is the case, and I agree it is, then WTF is integral conscious capitalism? A healthy individualism and a healthy capitalism? Or perhaps just another (or even higher or more complex) version of a sickness? We do have some pretty smart sicknesses in this world. After all, Trump is our President.

Btw, as reference see our prior, lengthy discussion of integral anti-capitalism. 

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