Thursday, November 17, 2016

Warren on Trump's 'progress' so far

That's our progressive attack dog. Bite into Trump's leg and never let go. She details what Trump has accomplished so far: put a racist in the White House (Bannon); plans to make Muslims register; deport millions of immigrants ripping families apart.  Then of course are Trump's broken promises to drain the establishment swamp while instead stocking it chock full of swamp monsters whose histories she exposes for what they are. She also debunks Pence's so-called commitment to eliminate all lobbyists from the transition team, which is more like a rhetorical re-framing (spin) than anything else. Then she destroys Trump's lame excuse for hiring all the lobbyists when he said he wouldn't, claiming they are the experts he needs. Keep hounding him Senator, all the way out of the White House in 4 years.

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