Monday, November 21, 2016

Olbermann: No, don't give Trump a chance

Resistance is not only not futile (like against the Borg) but necessary. Forget that spineless, politically correct "let's make nice now" attitude, the very attitude that cost progressives the election. We need to fight back and fight back hard for our values and convictions. And all the more so since Trump and the GOP control government. We can't just go along to get along, normalizing Trump or the GOP agenda. They are aberrations and completely antithetical to the very foundations of democracy, something they want to eliminate altogether.

Remember your history, that both America and France literally fought wars to overcome the very same kind of tyranny that has manipulated its way back into power. No, I am not suggesting armed revolt for those government surveillance drones reading this. I am though saying that if those previous patriots could lay their lives on the line for democracy then the least we can do is fight a metaphorical war by getting actively involved in our political process. And work like our lives depended on it (for they do) to get those swamp creatures out of office and elect progressives that actually want to implement the sort of policies most Americans want.

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