Sunday, January 8, 2017

Greenwald and "no evidence" of hack

In this video I agree with Greenwald that we need to be skeptical of our intelligence community, given past lies and misdirection. But when Greenwald says "there is no evidence" that reveals more than skepticism, since he is not privy to that evidence because he doesn't have a classified clearance. And not being privy he also hasn't a clue to how many times such intelligence saved our country and people from further terrorist attacks, or how many times it saved the lives of soldiers in battle. So to take a few examples of errors and conflate that with the entirety of intelligence performance speaks volumes as to his own agenda. And that agenda is exactly what has been manipulated by Russian intelligence for their own purposes as revealed in our intelligence report. This doesn't mean your disloyal or unpatriotic Mr. Greenwald, just a manipulated dupe.

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