Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama's farewell address

See it below. This was heart-rending for those of us who value democracy, because after Obama comes the utter demise of it. Obama emphasized that we are a nation of immigrants, and that diversity is what makes us great. This is starkly contrasted with Twamp's and the GOP's campaign against both of those things, ushering in a return to white supremacy as well as government by big business. While I disagreed with Obama on a number of things, by far I was much more in agreement and his accomplishments have been Herculean given the complete obstruction of the opposition. And compared to what is coming in the next four years, Obama's Presidency will have to stand as a beacon of hope for the next election because we are entering a very dark epoch in American history.

And btw, Obama addressed the good our intelligence community has done, like finding and killing bin Laden, to doing the same with ISIL leaders, to preventing another terrorist attack in the homeland. We never hear of this in the alt-left conspiracy theories that such intelligence is always nefarious and lying bastards.

You can also read the transcript here.

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