Sunday, January 8, 2017

Twamp denies the Russian hack influenced the election

And yet the leaked emails were a mainstay of his campaign. Just in the last month before the election Twamp harped on those emails 164 times, and lauded Wikileaks for them 124 times. He bragged about how those emails were damaging Clinton's campaign. The link provides ample evidence of this. And now that it has been proven Putin and Russian intelligence were behind the hack Twamp is quick to say that the emails had no effect on the election? Come on, we're not that stupid Don Con. Except for your moronic supporters, that is.

PS: And not only Twamp benefited from the leaks, but it was one of the main arguments against Clinton from the Bernie or Busters. Granted the information was true and the DNC is despicable, when it came down to either Clinton or Trump the Bernie or Busters were just as complicit in electing Trump by hammering on Clinton and reducing her viability. So they too were unknowing stooges being played by Russian intelligence. It's why they now just can't accept that Russia did this to them. That it's far worse to what it did to our county doesn't seem to matter much to them.

And it's not in the least Sanders' fault, for after losing the nomination he backed Clinton all the way. And encouraged his followers to do the same given the comparison with Twamp and the GOP.

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