Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eco-socialism: A real and radical left

From this piece:

"Capitalists are driven to pillage and poison and rape the common good, including the ecological commons, by systemic imperatives compelling them to relentlessly commodify everything under the sun and to drive infinite growth on a finite planet. [...] Beseeching our capitalist masters to be nicer and smarter for the common good of all is a fool’s errand. [...] We know there’s no appealing to capitalist chieftains’ better angels where money and profit are concerned."

"The only solution, a real left would know, along with Marx, is for workers and citizens to organize collectively to overthrow the amoral profits system and take control of what they produce and how society is organized. Power to the people. Power to the workers. And power to the commons, whose enclosure was and remains among other things the making of modern capitalism and its wage-enslaved working class. That is what I have always understood to be the basic irreducible bottom-line perspective of anything that deserves since the time of Marx to be called 'the left.'"

"But for anyone who knows anything about the history and meaning of radical movements, calling the dismal dollar-drenched Democrats and their many media allies 'the left' is like calling the National Pork Producers Association vegan. [...] For the dismal Dems it isn’t about winning; it’s about serving corporate masters. [...] They are corrupt. They do not want to win with an authentically progressive program because it would threaten the economic interests of their main corporate donor base. The Democrats know exactly what they’re doing. They have a business model: sub-serving the interests of the corporate elite."

"Help us build an authentic radical left—not just another leftish moment that gets folded into a Get Out the Vote for Democrats campaign. To do so, it will need to open its platforms to serious left anti-capitalists. It will have to step further away from the not-so left-most party of capital, the Democrats. It will need to speak less in terms of the immorality of poverty and more in terms of how poverty is rooted in the profits system of class rule and the racism and imperialism that go with capitalism."

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