Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Q&A w/Lakoff on negative framing

Here's the FB Q&A, copied below.

Me: You've said that when we frame something with 'no' before it that just reinforces that thing. Yet Trump repeats the phrase "no collusion" and his followers do not think he's committed collusion. So how come Trump's "no collusion" frame doesn't do what you say it should?

Lakoff:  It does not fit their frame. Trump’s staunchest supporters will not shift. That’s a key idea in Don’t Think of An Elephant. The question is how to reach biconceptuals - people with conservative and progressive views on different subjects. With these, “no collusion” does reinforce the frame. Public surveys bear this out. On the other hand, Trump’s die-hard conservative supporters might remain loyal to him even if he went on TV and confessed. They don’t care about his wrongdoing. They only care that he is a vehicle for the conservative agenda.

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