Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Global network of fearless cities

The FB post of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus is below, quoting from this article.

"Municipalism is a movement of cities taking power from states, and using that power to transform politics from the bottom up.

The conference named two goals for the municipalists:
1) to feminize politics — developing new ways of organising based on horizontal collaboration, collective intelligence and the politics of everyday life, and,
2) to stop the far right — combating the politics of hate and fear with local policies that reduce inequality and promote the common good.

Daniel Gutierrez in Berlin explained how they created an anonymous health card so migrants can access services without fear of deportation.
Direct contact with your neighbour. Find out their interests, hopes, desires, fears, then organise for what you want, and to not be subject to those fears. You will have to confront racism, sexism, xenophobia: you can overcome that at the local level and create a practice to open your neighbourhood to new people."

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