Monday, May 28, 2018

Summary of legal documents filed in Mueller investigation

Good site that keeps updating the investigation. There sure is a lot of legal filings here that indicates this is a legitimate investigation with valid criminal charges and indictments. Just the latest below. See the link for much more.

Rick Gates (Pleaded Guilty, 2/23/18)

Pleaded guilty to:

False Statements and Conspiracy against the United States.

Brief Summary:
Gates and Manafort committed multiple counts of tax fraud and bank fraud. They laundered tens of millions of dollars, including money originating in the Ukraine, generating tens of millions of dollars in income. They hid tens of millions in off shore accounts. They repeatedly defrauded United States agencies. They committed crimes through 2017–while Gates helped lead the Trump campaign and transition.

Gates and Manafort were “unregistered agents of the [pro-Putin] Government of the Ukraine,” who lobbied on behalf of Russian interference in the Ukraine, while enabling U.S. lobbying firms to hide their Eastern European ties.

Why this matters: Demonstrates a large scale criminal operation carried out by high ranking members of Trump’s campaign and transition. Demonstrates strong ties from within the campaign to pro-Putin agents in Europe.

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